Gay men and daddy issues

Are people born gay or do these feelings develop over time? It's still a mystery, but that doesn't stop researchers and laymen alike from asking if our environments are to blame, as if being gay is an affliction that needs to be solved like a cycle of poverty. Some psychologists and ex-gay therapy groups often throw in the claim that gay men long for other men out of a subconscious need to connect with an absent or lacking father. According to theories, this "father hunger" is so strong that gay men deny their "natural" attractions and head toward the boy's room. I'm no psychologist, but the idea of father hunger sounds plausible given the number of subconscious actions we take based on environmental influences.
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Daddy Issues

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The Curse of an Attraction to Older Gay Men | Psychology Today

This essay is part of an ongoing series by the author about issues facing older gay men. I was walking down Eighth Avenue last week wondering why I was still alive—something I typically do every time I stroll the streets of Chelsea—a thought that makes me feel oddly younger than my 53 years. We all were. In another time, before hook-up apps and same-sex marriage and mainstream visibility and anti-bullying efforts and children and the military and rainbow-colored White Houses and presidential acceptance and TV and movie might, the predominant divinity was AIDS.
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Can You Really Let Your Daddy Issues Go?

It shouldn't have taken him so long. The first thought that ran through Alex's head as he stood on the front porch of the stranger's house was how he couldn't believe it had taken him this long to choose to submit to a man. He was How long had these fantasies been playing through his head? How many times had he almost taken the plunge and met up with someone online?
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