What bracket has the least twinks

Forgot your password? Unlike every other twink bracket, almost every class can be extremely competitive with around 30g of gear and professions. We don't BG for honor grind, so games are extremely competitive with minimal accounts of dodging unlike 60 BGs. Every class is viable unlike There are enough talent points to be able to have unique builds and play a variety of different play styles with just one class. There is a dedicated following on the old Nostalrius server, which is moving to Nost PvP.
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Why is this bracket so unpopular?

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Shmuckumpoo's guide to BGs/twinks - General Discussion & Suggestions - Elysium Project

Why ruin the fun for twinks? The queues never pop and the only thing to do is duel and there are no one to duel… Please just make it so the exp and non-exp brackets are connected again. Fun for twinks is not fun for others. Ohh god I completely agree with that! Would never consider twinking if the old PvP vendors was the go-to way for getting PvP gear! The difference is in secondary stat optimization.
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So I just recently came back, is twinking alive or dead as of now? And which bracket if it so happens to be alive? Thank you. Dead in the ground and rotting.
  •   Sean2429 June 6, 2019
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